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Exile Gaming,

We’ve got some big news and we’re incredibly excited to share it with you all! As managers, we love engaging and interacting with the #TEAMEXILE community and we feel like this should become the focal role of Exile Gaming for the foreseeable future. Due to the rapid turnover rate of players, we felt its time to focus our energy on creating a community of like-minded gamers who just want to hang out, discuss games, and have fun together.

Our primary goal is to dedicate this community to the users. We want to this to truly become a community where people can meet new friends and have new and unique experiences together online. We really hope this new path is something you all are excited for and willing to join us on. Feel free to always offer your opinions or suggestions on how we can make Exile Gaming a better place for you and your friends.

Thus, our main hub for the #TEAMEXILE community being our discord server is, and has undergone major changes over the past few days to reflect our new direction and focus for Exile Gaming.

Discord Server:

As for the competitive teams, we are still figuring out a format that will work for the players, the community and the staff. One of the ideas we are exploring is to give all community members more authority in forming teams that play under the Exile Gaming brand. However, we will share more details on this subject later, as it develops.

Exile Gaming Management Team

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