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We’re super excited to announce we’re joining Battalion 1944 and the lineup behind the roster.

We’ve always had our eyes on Battalion 1944 since it’s release into Early Access since some of the core in Exile Gaming used to play and compete in Call of Duty 4’s Promod scene. The roster consisting of zmajiROBBERd, Dakkaz, Timb and r1kson know as HONOUR OVER GLORY in the Battalion 1944 scene will now be competing under the Exile Gaming brand. These guys have some great experience and are extremely talented, you’ll see them very soon at the Gallantry Pro League LAN starting June! Join us in giving them all a warm welcome to the #TEAMEXILE family!


Maurice ‘zmaji‘ ten Teye | @zmajiFPS
Robbert ‘ROBBERd‘ Poel | @itsROBBERd
Roel ‘Dakkaz‘ van Huet | @dakkaz
Tim ‘Timb‘ Brouwer | @timb_b44
Rick ‘r1kson‘ Smit | @Ricksmit16

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