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Exile Gaming has undergone some changes in past few months and we’re happy to announce our new official rosters for CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege.


Andrew “ANDORYU” Lam – IGL

Samuel “CeCe” Dowling – AWPer

Justus “Frosty” Jääheimo – Lurker

Jesse “Fury2J” Järviö – Entry Fragger

Ben “ghil” Nicholson – 2nd Entry/Support


Rainbow Six Siege:

Marco “mXg.” Wohlfarth – Coach

Peter “Adler” Seidler – IGL

Marijn “killler” Wintjes – Team Captain/Support

Christopher “Chriz_Haze” Haase – Flex

Tommaso “ReporT” Decò  – Entry Fragger

Timo “Lalilu” Schmidt – Sub


With both teams sporting incredible talent, we’re excited to see them debut their skill and show the world what #TEAMEXILE is all about.

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