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It’s Official!

Exile Gaming is now verified on 

We’re really excited to team up with and their incredible platform. has become our new hub for scheduling, communication, and community interaction all in one central location. They even have a mobile app available for Apple and Android devices so you can keep up to date with what’s happening while on the go. Easily check matches, scores, and upcoming events all on one calendar!

Some of our favorite features include the ability to create a unique profile, upload screenshots, videos, documents, and gifs in their own channels which instantly get pushed to our Discord server as well. This means our scrim results, strats, game reviews, and videos are all efficiently organized and available to the team. Our teams can use to schedule practice and find scrim partners with minimal effort thanks to the integrated scrim tool.

Most importantly, also allows you guys to keep up to date with what Exile Gaming is up to through chronological announcements, detailed calendars, and instant notifications.

Check out these amazing features here and discover why is the new standard for esports operations.

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