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Over the weekend of July 13-15, Exile Gaming’s Battalion: 1944 squad competed in a LAN tournament in Budapest, Hungary.

Battalion: 1944 is a First Person Shooter centered on the World War II theme of Allied and Axis powers. Two teams of five enter an arena-like map and must survive the fast-paced firefight and either eliminate their opponents or defuse a bomb. The game is played in a series of rounds, the victor being whoever can reach 16 wins first. Much like other professional arena games, Battalion: 1944 demands coordination and communication in order for a team to be successful. The game is still young for the competitive scene, however, there are already some extremely skilled players, such as those on Exile Gaming.

On Friday, July 13, the B44 boys arrived in Budapest ready to test their mettle. After an initial series of game delays, #TEAMEXILE brought the heat to their first three opponents and finished 2-1 on Day 1. The team displayed some incredible coordination and earned early crucial victories. Day 2 found the team fighting for their lives to stay in the tournament, but after a series of hard-fought losses, #TEAMEXILE was eliminated. Through delays, victories, tough losses, and even a birthday, the team showed up to perform and made us all proud with their performance.

After seven years of hard work, wins, defeats, and strategy, the Battalion: 1944 team has decided changes where necessary for the best of the team. Three of our players and great friends: Roel ‘Dakkaz‘ van Hue, Robert ‘ROBBERd‘ Poel, and Tim ‘timb‘ Brouwer are now actively searching for new teams. We wish them all the best in their future and will sorely miss their presence. However, both Maurice ‘zmaji‘ ten Teye and Rick ‘r1kson‘ Smit will stay with Exile Gaming and forge a new competitive roster.

EDIT: As of August 23rd, 2018, Exile Gaming has chosen to leave the competitive Battalion 1944 and in turn the roster due to the lacking support of the scene from the developers. We hope to return to the scene once the developers decide to seriously support the competitive scene for the game.



Photos: Jak Howard

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