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When Exile Gaming was first formed, we knew it was eventually going to live a life of its own. Every collective step we took, every dream we dreamt and every decision we made, shaped the foundation of Exile Gaming and therefore added to the representation of us all, as a single brand.

Realizing Exile Gaming needed an identity as strong as our core believes, we sat down with our designers and took our time developing that singular identity. The core Exile Gaming identity took over 8 months and 40 concepts to define, but once finished Exile Gaming was officially born.

The design of our official apparel had to be a mirror of those core design principles. The same way our brand represents our individual characteristics, hopes, and dreams, it also reflects on our collective ones.

So with the design of our official 2018 jersey and apparel, we reflect on those core values and we know will be worn with pride by our team and everyone else, while at the same time coming together to evolve our Exile Gaming brand to something greater than ourselves.

– Khaled ” DeadLock” Ibrahimi, Founder and CEO of Exile Gaming.

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