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Here’s a look at the fresh new Exile Gaming R6S roster.

All aboard the hype train because Exile Gaming’s new Rainbow Six Siege Squad is here! We’re thrilled to welcome some fresh new faces to Exile Gaming who will be competing as our new Rainbow Six Siege Roster. This new roster features talented top-tier players and leaders. Though this is the biggest roster to date, extra eyes on the ground and flexible role-swapping is an asset few teams can boast. The core members are Stu, Alpha, Papi, TheCheif, r0t3n, ANBU, SamuelGR, and JWire. We’re fired up to get these guys prepped for competition and ready to represent Exile Gaming. It’s good to be back in the Rainbow Six community and we hope you can join us in welcoming the new guys to #TEAMEXILE.

🇬🇧 Team Manager – Stuart “Stu” Hughes

󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧 Entry Fragger – Joshua “Alpha” Thomas

🇬🇧 Flex Fragger – George “Papi” Williams

🇬🇧 Second Entry – Tom “ TheCheif ” Howells

🇬🇧 Support/Flex – Christopher “r0t3n” Norris

🇳🇱 Support/Flex – Daniel “ANBU” Henderson 

🇬🇧 Support – Samuel “SamuelGR” Roberts

🇳🇱 Support/Flex – Jasper “JWire” Wulffraat

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